Top 3 Most Valuable and Warmest Hunting Boots for this Year

Every experienced hunter knows how important it is to own high quality hunting boots. Since cold seasons are ahead of us, getting the warmest hunting boots is a must. Surely, finding the right pair that will fit your needs can be a bit challenging.

There are a couple of things you need to go over before you actually purchase your new hunting boots so let’s begin.

How to choose the best hunting boots for you

First of all, you need to know the terrain you will be hunting on, as well as the time of the year you’ll be out there. You should have different types of boots for every season, especially if weather conditions tend to change drastically. Secondly, you have to be aware of the weight of the hunting equipment you will be carrying with you.

Once you cover all those details, it is time to move on to the materials. Some of them are warmer and more comfortable than the others. You simply have to know what your hunting boots are made of. The combination of materials will tell you enough about the warmth and the quality of the boots.

Warmest materials

Suede: Suede is warm and very flexible. It will make walking very comfortable and it will sit well around your feet. It is usually used for the upper part of your boot in order to increase the flexibility of your ankle. It might be heavy but it will keep your feet warm in very cold weather which is a plus.

Gore-Tex: This new material revolutionized hunting boots. It is warm and it will keep your feet dry as well. It can be used for lining, as well as for the upper part of your boot. It replaces suede when needed since Gore-Tex is very lightweight.

Neoprene: Neoprene will warm your feet but it is not very breathable. It is often combined with other materials and can be found in linings. It is waterproof and super lightweight which is always a good thing for the hunters who tend to walk a lot.

Men’s vs Women’s Fit

Finding the boots that fit you perfectly should be the top priority. So if you are a woman, you have to get the boots that are designed for you. Men’s fit is often too wide for women’s feet and no matter how tightly you lace the boots, there will be some extra space inside the boot.

However, even when you get properly fitted boots, you have to pay close attention to lacing. Section Hiker has a great lacing guide you should check out. There shouldn’t be too much space around your ankles in order to avoid dirt and rocks getting in your footwear.


You should choose good soles as well, especially if you plan on walking long distances with heavy equipment. The soles should be flexible and support your feet properly. You need stability when walking on difficult terrain in order to avoid hurting your ankle.

If you don’t carry a lot of equipment, you should go for a thinner and more flexible sole. They might not have a lot of stability, but you will be able to move quicker and with more ease. Hunting boots that have thinner soles are also lighter.


Hunting boots usually come up to or above your ankle. Lacing your boots properly will give you an advantage if you carry a lot of hunting equipment because it will keep you balanced. When combined with comfortable soles, you can walk for miles over the most difficult terrain.


Make sure you lace up your boots well, but that you still feel comfortable wearing them. Your movement shouldn’t be impacted by the lacing so don’t pull your laces too tight. This might affect the blood flow, making your feet cold.

Additional equipment

If you want to make the best of your hunting boots, you should include additional gear as well. Warmest hunting boots will keep you comfortable but you simply have to wear high quality socks designed for cold weather.

In order to wear thick socks inside your boots, you should get a pair that is slightly bigger than your usual size. Half a size is ideal if you plan on wearing socks. You should be able to move your toes while wearing both socks and boots. Keep in mind that your blood needs to circulate if you want to stay warm.

Charcoal toe warmers are another useful piece of equipment, especially if you don’t plan on walking too much. They will keep your feet warm even when you are not moving. Make sure you remove them from your boots once you start walking again.

And finally, you have to keep the rest of your body warm as well. Good hunting boots are essential, but you need to layer up the rest of your body, especially if you live in a very cold climate. Warm clothes will keep your core temperature stabile and your extremities will not cool down.

Our recommendations top 3 warmest Hunting Boots

1. MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

What makes MuckBoots Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot so special is the fact that they are pull-on boots that also have molded soles. The soles will keep your footing stabile and protected regardless of the terrain you’ll be hunting on. Plus, they are made for deep snow according to the official site.

The boots are isolated with an additional layer of thermal foam. They are ideal for extremely cold weather and will keep your feet dry and warm regardless of the temperature. Plus, the boots are very durable and will probably last for a couple of seasons.

These boots also have a thermal inlay that will improve the comfort and warmth for your feet. They have a really nice fit and will not feel heavy on your feet. MuckBoots Arctic Pro are really a long-time investment and they will not fall apart after only one season.

The sizing might be a bit misleading with this model so make sure to check the correct measurements. We recommend buying one size bigger boots than you usually wear. If you end up with some extra space in your boots, wear thermal socks to fill it out and add another layer of isolation.

2. Sorel Men's Glacier Extreme Snow Boot

Sorel Men's Glacier Extreme Snow Boot

These hunting boots can be used for multiple purposes besides hunting. So if you are a fan of snow activities such as sledding, these will come in handy. Sorel Men’s Glacier Extreme Snow boots will keep your feet dry because they are water resistant as well.

The lower part of the boot is made of high-quality rubber and the upper part is water resistant synthetic material. The drawstring makes sure that you get the perfect fit around your ankles so your feet will feel snug and protected regardless of the outside temperature.

The sole is not too bendy so your footing will be stabile which is really important if you hunt in really rocky or uphill terrain. However, they are still very comfortable to walk in and you won’t even feel the weight on your feet.

Sorel Glacier Snow Boots might need some break-in time so make sure you take them for a couple of short hikes just to get used to them. Even though the bottom half is made of rubber, they are not heavy so you will be able to cover long distances without feeling tired.

3. Irish Setter Men's 2873 Vaprtrek 8" Hunting Boot

 Irish Setter Men's 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8

Irish Setter Vaprtrek are among the warmest hunting boots you can find today. They are not only very cozy, but they will keep your feet dry by combining the latest material technologies that will make moisturize evaporate from the boot.

These are lace-up ankle boots with an adjustable fit. Made of leather and synthetic materials, Irish Setter Vaprtrek are durable and will last you for years if you take a proper care of them. They do require some break-in time so take them out on a few easy hikes.

Once you become accustomed to these boots, you will be able to cover long distances in them. These boots are marketed as waterproof on the official website but we still recommend using some type of sealing product just to make sure. Leather can fall apart and crack if you forget to take care of it.

Also, make sure to check the sizing chart before you order the boots. Ordering one size bigger might be the right way to go since Irish Setter Vaprtrek does have small sizes. If they turn out to be slightly larger, don’t worry – there will be enough space for thermal socks.


It is quite difficult to choose the warmest hunting boots among these suggestions. Each and every model from our list does have its pros and cons. It all comes down to your personal preference and the climate you live in.

So if the winters are quite harsh in your neck of the woods, you do need warmer hunting equipment that will keep your feet comfortable and dry. MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot should be your choice then. They are pull on boots that are made for extreme temperatures.

Additionally, this model is waterproof and very high quality. It is an excellent investment because you will be able to use them for years. Sorel Men's Glacier Extreme Snow Boot is really warm as well, but they might be a bit chunky when compared to MuckBoots Arctic Pro.

Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boot is great for mild winters without deep snowfall. So our recommendation is MuckBoots Arctic Pro Boot because it is well rounded, will keep you warm, and it is exceptionally made.

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave us a comment bellow.

Warmest Hunting Boots
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