Walther PPX m1 9mm Review

If you are looking to buy a new handgun, our Walther PPX m1 9mm review will tell you everything you need to know about this model. We will also take a closer look at the different gun holsters that are available for Walther PPX and how to properly conceal this handgun if you plan to carry it with you.

Things to consider before buying a Walther PPX m1 9mm

First of all, Walther launched PPX as a budget friendly handgun that costs $400 more or less. It resembles Glock in both design and the size, but it is significantly cheaper. This type of gun should always be carried in a holster in order to avoid accidents.

You need to choose a high-quality holster that is made especially for Walther PPX m1 9mm in order to keep the trigger well protected. Trigger guard has to fit the holster perfectly because you don't want your gun to go off unexpectedly. Keep in mind that the trigger on Walther PPX m1 9mm does feel very light.

Secondly, Walther PPX is excellent in terms of portability. You will be able to conceal it with the right holster and you won’t even feel the weight of this handgun. This is a really comfortable weapon that will suit every hunter.

Walther PPX m1 9mm features

Walther PPX m1 9mm is marketed as a handgun designed for beginners, but gun enthusiasts of all backgrounds will find this weapon suitable. It is made of polymer which makes it super light in comparison with other 9mm pistols, and the official webpage clearly states that the pistol is ambidextrous.

It is stated on CDDN Sports that the grip itself will fit every hand so it can be used by both genders. So if you are looking to buy your first handgun, or you need a trusty and accurate weapon for home defense, Walther PPX might be just for you.

Walther PPX m1 9mm has often been compared with Glock and it really does fall into the same category in the terms of the overall firearm quality. However, Walther PPX m1 9mm is cheaper than Glock which makes it very budget friendly.

You will get an excellent gun that can compete with Glock without breaking a bank which is one of my favorite things about Walther PPX m1 9mm. Unfortunately, this gun lacks manual safety so you really do need to buy a high quality gun holster that will prevent any sort of accidents.

Pre-cocked trigger is another unique feature of Walther PPX. Of course, you have to rack the slide before the trigger can be released, but pre-cocked trigger will make you more accurate and it is better than a single action trigger.

So in order to improve your safety while carrying this gun, you need to get a proper gun holster that will keep your trigger in place. We recommend looking into Walther PPX Leather Gun Holster LT RH IWB Black (cài link amazon ở đây được nè em) because it is created for PPX and the gun will fit perfectly into it.

Additionally, this gun holster is made of leather which makes it very durable and the seams are really well sewn together. It will not fall apart no matter how much you use it. If it seems like you can’t easily pull out your handgun, give this holster some time to adapt to PPX. Leather can be a bit stiff when new and it needs some time to adapt to the gun.

This gun holster is intended to be worn on your belt. You will receive a metal clip that can be easily attached and it will keep the gun close to you. It is firm and feels really sturdy. Since the gun is fairly lightweight, it makes you feel natural on your hip.

In order to make the gun last longer, Walther made the barrel out of three pieces. Three piece barrels are often found among rifles so this detail is a novelty. One piece barrel can get damaged over time, especially if it is used often at a shooting range. Walther made sure that PPX can survive the regular action.

You will receive two steel magazines that hold sixteen rounds each. When it comes to the accuracy, the pistol itself is fairly easy to master. There has to be some target practice involved as well, especially if this is your first handgun.

It is lightweight and very easy to aim. It will be useful for defending your home from intruders. PPX’s sights are usable and it will help you tremendously. Yes, it is simple and not every pistol shooter likes three dot sights, but they are solid and you will be able to use them to your advantage with a little bit of training.

You will notice that the steel dots on this handgun are a bit bigger than usual and that can give you an advantage if you are a novice gun owner. There are no night sights available at the moment but Walther is planning to add them as an option as well.

And another feature that should be pointed out is the grip. It has texture and it is very comfortable. The handle is not slippery at all and you will have a firm grip of this firearm in all situations. You will be able to draw Walther PPX out of the leather gun holster easily and the gun will not fall out of your hands.

Walther PPX m1 9mm has a one year warranty which might be a bit off-putting to some customers. Yes, it is pretty low but that number seems to be the standard nowadays.

Comments from the users

The general opinion of the public is that and that Walther PPX m1 9mm performs well and the price is more than acceptable. Some users do state that the design is pretty basic and that the gun itself is not a looker, but they can’t deny the fact that PPX m1 9mm is extraordinarily well made.

Most reviewers recommend buying a good gun holster for PPX m1 9mm as well due to the lack of safety. It does not appear to be a huge problem overall, especially for experienced gun owners, but everyone should take necessary steps to prevent possible accidents.



Glock 19

As we have previously stated in our Walther PPX m1 9mm review, the similarities between these two guns are obvious. However, Glock 19 is more expensive so they are not in the same price range. Glock 19 has almost the same features in terms of grip, accuracy, and size.

It is clearly stated on the official website that Glock 19 is a popular service pistol and it has many fans all around the country. It can be carried concealed and it is used for home defense as well. It doesn’t have a double action trigger and has numerous safety features. However, it is still recommended that you keep it safely tucked in a gun holster.

Sig Sauer P320

Just like we previously mentioned in our Walther PPX m1 9mm review, Sig Sauer P320 is also made of polymers. Therefore, it is very light and it is often used by the law enforcement agencies. It is high quality and has an excellent grip. As a matter of fact, you can order the handle that fits your hand size perfectly.

It is marketed as a striker-fired pistol and that feature promises the same trigger pull continuously for each end every shot. This is particularly useful for beginners. P320 is also ambidextrous. The safety is exceptional with this gun and it also has an internal mechanism that prevents firing a shot unless the trigger is completely pulled.

CZ 75 B

CZ 75 B is significantly more expensive than Walther PPX m1 9mm and it is not made of polymers. As a matter of fact, the material used for making this gun is stainless steel. The handle sits perfectly in hands and it has three dots sight.

Additionally, it is a very accurate handgun that is made for service, but it can be used by civilians as well. The safety on CZ 75 B will block the firing pin completely. This model has been around for quite some time and it has a large following. CZ 75 B is an improved version of an old classic. Unfortunately, it does cost a bit more than Walther PPX m1 9mm.


What we love about Walther PPX m1 9mm is the fact that it is a perfect entry gun for beginners, as well as a nice addition to a larger gun collection. This firearm is perfect for home security and it can be used in shooting ranges. We have mentioned throughout this Walther PPX m1 9mm review that you will get a versatile gun at a very low price.

We have mentioned in our Walther PPX m1 9mm review that this gun does require a holster due to the fact that the trigger simply has to be protected if you want to carry it concealed. We recommend that you find a solid one made of leather that will be very hard to wear out.

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Walther PPX m1 9mm Review
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