Best Outdoor Gear: Kuiu Yukon Jacket Review

If you are searching for an in-depth Kuiu Yukon jacket review, look no further – this text has all the information you need. Reading my review will definitely help you with choosing the perfect model.

If you are an outdoorsy person who spends a lot of time in nature, these jackets are something you should have in your closet. They are very high quality, durable, and will protect you from the elements. So if you want excellent gear for all your hunting activities, Kuiu Yukon jackets might be the right answer.

The company itself is known for making exceptional clothes and they pay a lot of attention to small details. They invest a lot of time into creating great materials that can withstand pretty much bad conditions. So here are a couple of Kuiu Yukon jackets I find particularly noteworthy.

1. Yukon Rain Jacket


Just like the name of this product suggests, Yukon Rain Jacket is ideal for rainy weather. The cameo print is designed for hunting and the woods. The jacket will keep you dry and comfortable regardless of the severity of the meteorological conditions.

The fabric is breathable and you will not feel stuffy wearing it. It is also lightweight and windproof. Therefore, you will be protected from all elements in this jacket. It is good to mention that this Yukon Rain jacket comes in two different cameo designs and a full brown color.

What makes this jacket perfect for hunting is the fact that you can silently move in it. The fabric has no heavy lycra in it and it is almost noiseless. According to Byland, the sleeve mobility is exceptional as well. So if you are an aspiring hunter or someone who enjoys nature, you should definitely consider this jacket for your outdoor adventures.

2. Kenai Hooded Insulated Jacket


If you plan on going out during very cold weather conditions, Kenai Hooded Insulated jacket is your perfect choice. The synthetic material will keep you warm for as long as you are outside. It is not entirely waterproof so be aware of that. However, it can be worn underneath a waterproof outer layer.

The anatomic fit will insulate your body perfectly and you will get full mobility for your arms. The material is still water repellant but it will get soaked if you get caught in a large storm. But the good thing is that the jacket can be dried quickly.

The official Kuiu website states that Kenai Hooded Insulated jacket will completely protect you against any strong winds. It features a hood that can be worn over your standard cap. The pockets on the front of the jacket have zippers so you can carry your valuables without a fear of losing anything.

This is an excellent jacket if you go on long mountain hikes or hunting trips and you simply have to keep your body warm during a longer period of time. So if you are into extreme outdoor locations, this could be the right jacket for you.

3. Guide DCS Jacket


This jacket is both waterproof and wind resistant. Northriveroutfitting blog states that this is the perfect example of an excellent jacket design that will help you out in the toughest conditions imaginable. The more protection jacket has, the chances are you will feel sweaty and uncomfortable. Especially if you plan on walking for miles.

However, this fabric is breathable and quite stretchy which will allow you free movement and complete mobility without the extensive sweating that can turn every hike into a very unpleasant experience.

If you find yourself in extreme weather conditions including heavy rain, don’t worry. The fabric is designed to deal with it in the best possible way. If rain manages to get through, the water will start evaporating from the outside layer of this garment.

Additionally, the jacket also has pit zips which will allow you to cool your body temperature down and make the jacket even more comfortable. The shape of the jacket will follow your body, especially if you select the size that fits you perfectly.

When paired with a beanie, the hood of the jacket will completely protect your head from both rain and wind. Since staying dry is clearly one of the most important things while you are in the wild, Guide DCS jacket could be exactly what you are looking for.

Final thoughts

Kuiu Yukon jackets are made of durable materials and they are an excellent long term investment. So if you are looking for high quality outdoor clothes, this Kuiu Yukon jacket review should be able to help you out. Or you can find the best hunting boots for hunting here.

What I personally love is that the technology that goes into designing and creating Kuiu Yukon jackets is astounding. You will be able to see and feel the difference almost immediately. Being fully protected from the elements is of paramount importance for hikers and hunters. These garments will provide you exactly that.

Make sure you measure yourself properly before you purchase any of these models. As I have mentioned in this Kuiu Yukon jacket review, they are designed to fit your body in the right places. This will improve the protection these jackets can provide for you.

If you have any additional questions about the jackets, leave a comment bellow and I’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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