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Looking for the best Iwb Holster? First of all, you need to know everything about it. So, let me reveal to you all in this post.

The waistband holsters (IWB) is usually worn between your pants and undergarments. Some holsters have a shirt tucking feature which can still give you a professional look when carrying your weapon. IWB holsters are paramount because they give you a comfortable way of carrying your firearm. This article will guide you on how to choose the best IWB holster.

Remora IWB Holster #5mpartA$4.7
FoxX Hybrid HolsterB$$4.4


1. IWB holsters look more discrete even with light clothing; you don’t need to tighten the belt since the weapon can hang naturally. This allows you to stay armed. Some IWB holsters do not require a belt since they are light in design.

2. IWB holsters have a better mode of carrying which gives better concealment as compared to the outside waistband holsters. It provides more cover and does not expose your handgun when not in use. When the holster and the handgun are placed together in the waistband, their exposure ends at the clips which are attached to the belt. In outside waistband holsters, the frame of the handgun and the holster can be exposed when pulling up your shirt and requires you to wear heavy garments for you to hide them.

3. IWB holsters are ideal for un-tucked shirts mostly in warm weather. Carrying your handgun with un-tucked shirts can be the best option. They do not hinder you in any way when performing other activities.


1. IWB holsters are not the most comfortable carry holsters. They are still good to hide your handgun but are not comfortable hen worn. When selecting a holster, it’s good to go for nylon or soft leather instead of other rigid materials.

2. IWB requires you to have oversized lower garments. When buying an IWB holster, it has better consider pants and belts with waistbands which are one or 2 inches larger than what you already have.

3. It’s usually hard to get a good grip when removing the handgun. You have to dig your fingers harder between the torso and the gun for you to get a good grip of the handgun, this slows you down a bit.


1. First, you need to consider how to accommodate the holster. Look for clothes which can hide the holster. Your pants should be a bit large. You should feel comfortable when wearing the holster.

2. Identify the best spot on your waistband where the holster can sit comfortably. Most people prefer the 3 o’clock position since it works perfectly for many though it may not be comfortable with others. Appendix carry may not be appropriate to those with flat tummies especially when sitting.

3. The holster should not put a lot of pressure on the person wearing or sag heavily on the waistband


IWB holsters can be used to carry different firearms. When buying you should consider real user experience. When buying online, it is not possible to test the holster before buying, but reviews can guide you the best IWB holster to buy. You are also able to compare the prices.

After you have received your holster, it is always good to try it immediately. If you require break in the holster, you should wrap your handgun in a plastic bag and keep it in the holster overnight. You can put on the holster for some few days, and if it is not comfortable, you can use the return policy and then look for one that will be best for you.


1. Comfort – You should consider a holster that will make you comfortable all day when walking, sitting, bedding, standing and when doing other things.

2. Concealment – The holster should perform as required and should be able to hide the handgun when walking, bending, standing and twisting. You could adjust it so that it can be able to provide comfort and better concealment.

3. Price – You should compare the prices of the available options. Also, does the holster has additional features? Does it have a warrant? Those are some of the things you are supposed to consider.

4. Safety – the holster should provide security to your handgun when inserting or when carrying. It should not allow involuntary trigger movement.

5. Should be easy to put on and take off- You should be able to put the holster on and take it off with ease.

6. Retention – it should be able to secure and retain your handgun well.

7. Adaptability and fit - The holster should be able to carry different handguns. It should also be versatile. This means it should be able to fit various models of handguns.

8. Ease of access – It should be able to allow you to access your handgun quickly in case of emergency or when doing other duties.


1. Remora IWB Holster #5mpart Smith & Wesson M & P Shield

This is a good fit for anyone who does not like the feeling of having a heavy holster pulling on your belt. It is made of a rubberized nonslip material which sticks in your waistband instead of using a belt clip. You can carry it in your pockets since there is no belt clip. It can be moved on whichever angle you prefer. The holster is washable and water resistant. You can keep it looking good for a long time. It has an option for a reinforced top which keeps it open when you draw, and this makes it easier to reholster. This can help you save a lot of time when training. Remora is easy to wear and very affordable.


ü Remora is easy to wear.

ü Affordable.

ü Washable and waterproof.

ü It is not heavy and makes you comfortable hen wearing.


v It could move around too much if not fixed properly.


This is a small, lightweight holster for 9mm shield and can be an excellent choice. It is made from Kydex and weighs over 2oz. It connects to your belt with 1.75’’ belt clip, and the cant can be adjusted from 0-15 degrees. You can set it to any angle you prefer for easy draw. It has a retention screw that can be adapted to enable you to achieve the level of retention that will help you feel secure while enabling a smooth draw. It is not a tuckable holster, and it works well when you are wearing an untucked shirt.


ü Smith and Wesson holster can be adjusted to any angle you prefer.

ü It enables you to draw your handgun quickly.


v It does not work well with tucked shirts.


This is made of a high-quality material and can be used by the military and law enforcement personnel. It is durable and dependable for anybody who needs a reliable holster for daily carry. Galco kingtuk holster is made of Kydex and Napa leather and can be easily tucked. The backing plate is made soft and comfortable by the Napa leather. It is very easy to draw and reholster because of the Kydex pockets. This holster contains removable belt clips which can be adjusted up and down. It is possible to set the angle and height which is comfortable for you. You can also buy nylon C-hooks that will allow a lower ride on the belt. It is one of the best holsters available in the market today. The holster is durable, cheap and easy to conceal. They might are more expensive as compared to other holsters.


ü Galco kingtuk holster is durable.

ü You can adjust it to any angle and height which you prefer.

ü It is easy to conceal.

ü It makes you comfortable all day since it’s made up of Kydex and leather.

ü The pockets are made of Kydex which makes it easy to draw your handgun.


v It is more costly as compared to others.


It is a high-quality holster which is made for harsh environments. Blackhawk is a company which manufactures quality products at an affordable price. This holster has adjustable paddle platform and a belt loop platform. You can adjust according to your needs.

The holster contains a patented retention feature which makes it hard to remove your handgun unless you press the lever on the side when drawing. It produces a click sound after you have reholstered well. This holster comes with a speed-cut design which enables you to draw your handgun fast when needed. The holster is a bit heavy, but you are assured of safety which makes it be a good choice.


ü Blackhawk holster is adjustable.

ü It is affordable.


v It is a bit heavy.

v It has a patented retention feature which makes it hard to draw your handgun.

5. FoxX Hybrid Holster for Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

This is a new type of holster from the United States. Each holster is made separately using leather and Kydex materials. A lifetime warranty is assured and can be refunded after two weeks in case of any issue. It is made of 9 ox premium leather and.06’’ black Kydex. This holster also has belt clips which are adjustable for cant and ride. You can also replace the steel clips with Kydex if you would like. The holster can be tucked which makes it possible to conceal. The leather will adjust to your body after wearing it for some time. In case you are searching for an American made holster, this can be ideal for you.


ü FoxX hybrid holster has a lifetime warranty, and so you can be assured of the quality.

ü It is easy to conceal since it can be tucked.


v It is a bit expensive.


If you are searching for the best IWB holster, Galco Kingtuk holster can be the best for you. This holster makes you comfortable all day, and it is also easy to conceal. You can also adjust it in any angle you would prefer. The pockets are made of Kydex which makes it easy to draw your handgun when you need. This holster is also durable which means once you buy you don’t need to keep replacing.

Hope you could find the most suitable one for you from my picks? If you feel that there is something you would like to add, please feel free to do so in the comments section.

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