Who else wants to know the mystery behind best coolers with wheels?

Which is the best cooler with wheels in the market today? When searching for the best coolers with wheels, it is good to consider the most important elements that make a good ice chest. Find the strength, portability and ice retention of the cooler. This article covers the most important things you should know about coolers with wheels.

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Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller



Trinity TXK -0802




1. Tool chest

There are coolers with wheels, and most of them have retractable handles. You can use them as tool chest In case you are outside. You can store all you will require for your outdoors activities

2. Pool chemical storage

When you are preparing to close your swimming pool for the season, you can keep the leftover chemicals in a cooler just as you store beverages. The container does not allow leakages, and so you don’t have to worry about spills.

3. Car kit

When your vehicle breaks down, most of the times you will require some DIY maintenance. You can keep all you auto must-haves in an old cooler. It will store everything perfectly and prevent leakage of fluids.

4. Shopping

If you are planning to do a lot of activities in a day, you can move with a cooler especially one with wheels for the ride. Once you’ve done your shopping, you can keep the perishable goods I the cooler at the recommended temperatures.

5. Giant punch bowl

Coolers are usually waterproof and can be used to keep things cold for some time. You can take advantage of that by using it as a giant punch bowl. All you need to do is to mix your beverage with ice.


1. Traditional Coolers

They includes some of the most common designs which are usually found in groceries and hardware stores. These coolers contain pieces of foams which are insulated and sandwiched between plastic shells which are epoxied or glued together. Their lids are usually attached with screws and rely on a tight fit and friction to remain closed. They are usually cheaper than other coolers.

2. Soft Coolers

These occupies a small space and are very easy to carry. They provide a backpack mode of carry, or you can carry them on your shoulders. You can use them to carry cans.

3. Electric Coolers

These coolers usually use electric cooling mechanisms. The most common ones can be connected to a wall socket. They do not use ice and gives indefinite cooling capacity; you just need to have access to electricity. Electric coolers are ideal for extended road trips or when you are staying in a hotel room and want to store food and drinks.


Going for a cooler with wheels can be a good decision. It will help you to get rid of muscle pain, backache. All you need to do is to grab the handle, lift one end slightly and move. If you are tired of holding the weight, you can keep the cooler end you are holding down. You will only need to lift the cooler when you are putting it back on your truck or when moving it out. You should consider a cooler with a wheel on your next beach trip, fishing trips or your next camping.

Some people are afraid that a cooler with wheel may be a bit costly or may add some extra weight on the cooler which is not the case. You may have a tiny bit additional weight, and this does not make it uncomfortable for you. You can also get a cooler with wheels at the same cost as one without wheels.


1. Wheel size

When considering to purchase a cooler with wheels, it is imperative to consider the size of the wheels. If you intend to use the cooler on rough terrains, it is advisable to go for one with large wheels. It will be easier to move than one with small wheels.

2. Transport size

You may need to think of how you carry your new cooler. Wheels and handles connected to the cooler and make it hard to place it in the back seat or truck. You should, therefore, pay attention to the size of the cooler and the attachments such as handles and wheels.

3. Handle height

For those who are tall and need to bend lower when holding the handle, they may need to consider coolers with long handles. It may be tiresome mostly if you are moving with the cooler for extended distances.



Igloo Glide PRO Cooler (110-Quart, White)


Igloo cooler is build from a sturdy polyethylene material which enables it to withstand damage. The handle has a lock feature which keeps it in place when in use. Its ultra-herm body can keep ice for five days at 90 degrees temperatures. It has an attractive appearance and is rugged enough to be rolled in woodland, grass, and any terrain. Handles and wheels are connected to the cooler by unbreakable hinges. It has metal hinges, unlike other coolers which have plastic hinges which break easily.


Igloo glide Pro coolers is made of a durable material which enables it to withstand damage.

It has an attractive look.

It has metal hinges unlike other coolers which have plastic hinges.

It can be used in all terrains.


Ice can stay frozen for about five days at 90 degrees temperatures.


Coleman 62 qt. Xtreme Cooler


Coleman is a company that has produced most of the high-quality coolers in the market. If you are searching for a cooler that you can use to carry food and beverages when camping or for a family picnic. It has a volume of 62 quarts which means it can carry 85 cans of 120z beverage. Ice stored in this cooler can stay frozen for five days at 90 degrees temperatures. The wheels make it easy to be carried in any terrain; you don’t have to worry that the wheels will come off.

It also has a four place beverage holder placed on the hinged lid for your convenience. The handle ensures that it’s intact when not in use. This cooler is designed with Xtreme 5v technology. The handles cannot only be used for pulling but can also be used for lifting it up to prevent breaking. It is resistant to rust and has a leak-proof drain which enables you to sap the water without the need to lift it up. Coleman 62-quart extreme is very convenient mostly if you have lots of drinks and foods inside it.


Coleman 62 quart is rustproof.

It can be used in all terrains.


It can only carry a maximum of 85 cans.

Ice can stay frozen for about five days at 90 degrees temperatures.


Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler


This is a great cooler which can carry 84-12oz cans of beverages. It has an additional thickness insulation and is able to retain ice for long time. This means the ice can remain cold for six days at 90 degrees temperatures. This cooler is also known as the marine cooler. It is ideal for fishing enthusiasts. This cooler comes with a cutting board for cutting the daily catch, it also has a tray.

It has a large handle, and you can pull using one hand. The wheels are large and durable which makes it easy to move it from boat to land. Coleman 50 quart cooler contains UVGuard sun protection feature which prevents cracking and yellowing due to excessive sunlight. This cooler also has a stainless steel hardware which is sturdy and does not rust easily. This means it cannot be affected by rain or sweat. You can easily drain it even without lifting as it has a rustproof and leak proof drain. When using it, you don’t need a table; the lids act as a four can be beverage holder and provides a place where food can be placed.


Coleman 50 quart cooler has a tray and cutting board which makes it ideal for those fishing.

It has a UV guard which protects it from sun rays.

It is made from s stainless steel material which is rustproof.

You don’t require a table when using it since the lid can act as a table.


It can only carry a maximum of 84-12oz cans of beverages.


 Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller, 70-Quart


Igloo 70-quart is one of the best coolers. It has a 70-quart volume and has a cube shape. The cooler can carry about 114 12 oz cans. Due to its unique shape, you can place bottles upright. It has a thick insulation which can keep ice for six days. The product also has UV inhibitors which protect it from sun rays. The quick latch allows you to open it quickly. Wheels can roll smoothly in all areas, and the tow handle can be locked and pulled back into the right place when you are not using. It also has two handles which are designed for lifting. This cooler also contains beverage holders which you can use for handling as you enjoy your outdoor activities.


Igbo Ice cube Maxcold has UV inhibitors which mean it cannot be destroyed by sunlight.

The wheels can roll smoothly in all areas.

You can use the two handles designed for lifting.


Igbo Ice Cube Maxcold can only carry a maximum of 114 oz cans.

5. TRINITY TXK -0802

 TRINITY TXK-0802 Stainless Steel Cooler with Shelf


This is the best cooler for homes with host and patio pool parties. It is made of stainless steel and looks great while sitting on your grills. Trinity TXK contains a cooler at the top and comes with other features like drainage plug, bottle top opener, and cap catcher. It also has a shelf at the bottom which you can use to store beverages.


Trinity TXF has additional features like bottle top opener and a drainage plug unlike other coolers.

It has a shelf which you can store beverages.


It is a bit expensive.


If you are searching for the best cooler with wheels, Igloo Glide PRO Cooler can be the best for you. As we have seen, it contains so many features which make it easy to use. It is made of sturdy materials which enable it to withstand damages. This cooler has metal hinges, unlike other coolers whose hinges are made of plastic. This mean it cannot break easily. Another advantage is that it can be used in all terrains. It also has an attractive look.

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