Revealed: Top 4 Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots


If you are planning to go hunting in the upcoming winter, boots will form the most critical part of your hunting equipment. If you don’t have the best cold weather hunting boots at your disposal, wet/frozen feet have the ability to end your expedition prematurely.

Even if they don’t end it altogether, frozen feet might take the fun away from your voyage. Therefore, it goes without saying that you need to have the best boots at your disposal this coming winter.

How we found out the Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots?

During our search of the best cold weather hunting boots, I tried a myriad of boots from different companies. As you might expect, all these companies made grandiose claims about keeping my feet warm and dry. We tested those boots in adverse weather conditions to test the veracity of such claims. Four factors were kept supreme when testing the workability of such boots …

The Comfort level in adverse weather conditions

As you might expect, the comfort level was the most important factor for us. When one eye on the hunt and the other on our equipment, we could ill afford to give extra care to our boots. Therefore, we were looking for boots which would take care of us, and not the other way around

The Convenience

From a poor sole, to loose laces, and slippery treads, ordinary boots have all sorts of problems in cold weather. Going through difficult terrains, we were looking for boots which could be convenient, easy to wear.

The Construction of these boots

As you might expect from a boot which is designed for usage in cold weather, most of these boots were up to knee height. They had slip resistant treads, tough soles, and proper insulation.

Their Overall Performance

By taking all the above-mentioned factors as one entity, we determined the overall performance of these boots. While some boots were brilliantly constructed, lack of convenience eradicated them from our list.

The Hunting Season

As the snow was flying around, we were in for sedentary hunting. Therefore, we required boots which had warmth-trapping liners. The weight of these boots was in the range of 800-1200 gram.

Thus, after testing the boots under such rigorous testing mechanism, our team of hunters was able to narrow down the choices to the top 4.

What do we mean by Cold Weather?

If you live in Phoenix, Las Vegas or Dallas, 20*F might sound too cold to you. For the residents of Alaska, Fargo, and Willison, however, cold weather might mean somewhere close to 0. The concept of cold weather is dependent on the place where you live. However, for us, the definition of cold weather was different.

To test the truthfulness of the manufacturer recommendation of these boots, we tested them in temperatures as low as --140*F. Needless to say, in such low temperatures, the ordinary boots cannot stand for a second. Therefore, while the majority of these boots cost us handsomely, they justified their price tag by performing adequately in adverse weather conditions.

Top 4 Cold Weather Hunting Boots

Now that we have addressed the common queries regarding cold weather boots, let us move towards the main part of this article.

Sorel Men’s Bear Extreme Snow Boot

Sorel Men's Bear Extreme Snow Boot

As suggested by their name, the Sorel’s Men Bear Extreme boots are designed for extreme weather. Coming in two different ranges – textile and synthetic, these boots are mostly imported from outside the US. As for their sole, the company has decided to go with a synthetic version.

The biggest advantage of having a rubber sole is the quality perception. Moreover, while leather still remains the main material for the sole, rubber offers more versatility at comparatively less price. Lastly, being lightweight and more comfortable, Sorel has made a shrewd choice by going for the rubber sole.

Yet another feature of this boot – which is uncommon in such category, is its high heel height of 1.25’’. Also, with a 25mm bonded felt frost plug, this boot provides an extra layer to give your feet the extra insulation and warmth.

Lastly, while Sorel rates it at -40 Fahrenheit, my personal experience with this boot tells me that it can go way beyond its limit.


  • A 25mm felt frost plug to keep your feet warm

  • Waterproof vulcanized rubber

  • Synthetic Rubber Sole gives this boot lightweight making it easier to carry

  • True to its size – you won’t have to order a large size


  • If you have large calves, there might be problem in fitting

Final Verdict

While Sorel tried their best to keep this boot lightweight, it is still huge and clunky. Nevertheless, for a boot which is constructed to operate in adverse weather conditions, you might not expect it to be too lightweight. All in all, a good boot which will carry you, and not the other way around. You can get it at Amazon here.

Baffin Men’s Apex Insulated Boot

 Baffin Men's Apex Insulated Boot

If you feel that the -40F range – which Sorel offers, is too low, Baffin offers you a way out with its Apex Insulated boot. With a mammoth cold rating of -148*F, this boot will carry you through the fiercest of winters with ease.

Another feature of this boot which impressed me was its quick lace system. By providing proper openings along the leg, Baffin has made it very easy to tie up this boot in quick time. Moreover, while they didn’t mention the heel size of this product, this boot looks HUGE on first viewing.

If you plan on going fishing this winter, you would be looking for a waterproof boot. In Baffin’s Men Apex, you will have a boot which will survive the snow/slush with equal ease. Lastly, with removable liners. Thus, if you feel that they have become soggy, you could allow them to air out and dry.


  • Cold Rating – one of the best

  • Removable liners

  • Easy to tie laces within minutes

  • Waterproof


  • They are too small for their size. If you plan on getting one for you, opt for a 1 or 2 number large boot.

Final Verdict

With a brilliant cold rating, a quick lace system, and a removable liner, Baffin has made a brilliant product in Men’s Apex Insulated Boot. You can order it here

Baffin Men’s Impact Insulated Boot

Baffin Men's Impact Insulated Boot

Sorry for mentioning Baffin again, but it would have been cruel had I missed their Impact Insulated Boot. In the construction of this boot, Baffin has brilliantly merged the conventional felt with a new-look foam. In addition to providing the insulation, the foam has been integrated to provide your feet a brilliant and comfortable fit.

Giving extra care to insulation, Baffin has added layers in the internal part of this boot. Also, multiple moisture wicking and thermal layers have been added to reject moisture and retain heat.

Giving your comfort the top priority, leather has been used around the ankle area of the boot. Thus, if you’re planning to go on steep terrains, this feature might come handy. Another noticeable feature of this boot is the nylon uppers.

While they might appear showy, these uppers are snow tested and crack resistant. By forming a cover around your leg, they will stop the water to seep through.


  • By integrating a leather layer inside the boot, your comfort has been kept supreme

  • Crack Resistant Nylon Uppers

  • Eight Layers for Thermal Insulation


  • Far from being waterproof

  • Size could sometimes be an impediment to easy walking

Final Verdict

While they have a sizeable price tag, I suggest from my personal experience that these boots are worth every penny. You can get them at Amazon here.

Irish Setter Men’s Rutmaster WP 1200 Gram

Irish Setter Men's RutMaster WP 1200 Gram 17

If you’re a fan of Irish Setter, you would already be accustomed to its warm series of boots. Standing atop the series, with 1200 grams of it, is the Irish Setter Men’s Rutmaster. This boot will give you the warmth which will match the wettest, coldest days of winter.

Moreover, if you are planning to trek, this boot comes up with a state of the art self-cleaning outsole. It means that the boot will take care of itself, allowing you to fully concentrate on the hunt at hand. This boot will also keep your feet odor free thanks to its scent-free technology.

While people might fail to comprehend it, it is the integration of the Eco-flex technology that perches this boot above its counterparts. This technology allows the boot to expand – to accommodate your foot size. Moreover, if your feet are lean, this technology allows the boot to contract – giving your feet a lock-tight performance.

Lastly, telling you by my experience, these waterproof boots are out to perform.


  • Self Cleaning outsole will allow you to focus on the hunt

  • Scent free technology allows to keep away the bad odor from your feet

  • Eco-flex technology accommodates your feet inside the boot

  • Waterproof


  • Might be difficult to get on/off

Final Verdict

If you have some money at hand, I would recommend you to go after these boots. With a state of the art technology, these boots will justify their price tag. You can get them here


While all the boots suit me perfectly, I still preferred to go with the Baffin’s Men Apex Insulated boot for obvious reasons. While Initially, I had difficulties getting the perfect size for me, these boots have become my favorite afterward. Moreover, with a range as low as -140*F, these boots will allow you to go in the coldest, wettest terrains with ease.

I will show you about Best mountain hunting boots by new post.


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