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A belly band holster is an elastic material which contains many pockets. When choosing an appropriate one, the best belly band holster is the one you should consider. The pockets can be used to keep cell phones, magazines, and even credit cards. The majority of shooters realize that it is important to have different kinds of firearm holsters. This is important because you may need a different holster in various scenarios. Holsters have various sizes, shapes, and materials. This article covers the most important things you need to know about belly holsters.


If you want your belly band holster to last long, you should take care of it. One of the best ways to do this is by washing them with cold water using a machine. You should then hang them or lay them flat to dry. Belly holsters should never be tumble-dried because doing so will damage the belly band. Most of them contain instructions on how to wash, all you need to do is to follow the procedure provided.

There are different traditional holsters which are still available, but none of them are better than the belly band holster.


I. It keeps your handgun in place and ensures that it does not slip as you move or run.

II. It gives you easy access to your gun when you need it.

III. It is designed in a way which enables you to carry as many weapons as you may require. Most of the traditional holsters do not have this feature.

IV. Apart from carrying many weapons, it contains slots which you can use to store your keys, phone, credit cards a magazine among other items


The biggest problem of belly band holster is that it is not okay when it comes to sweating and not good for people who are involved in vigorous exercises. You should always wipe the sweat from your weapon to prevent rusting.


1. To hide your gun even if you are wearing a tee shirt

2. You can use it when engaging in various activities like biking, diving or hiking,

3. You can use it as you dress up for the office.

4. It holds the gun tightly when running and thus can be used by runners.


1. The material

People prefer to wear the belly band holster the whole day thus you should look for one which has a material that will not irritate your skin. Look for a material that is comfortable and soft. Belly band holsters made of plastic or leather are the best. The plastic ones are affordable, and holds keeps your firearm in place. The major disadvantage with plastic holsters is that they react when and gives excess heat to the body. Leather materials are robust and soft and will allow you to breathe. They also stretch according to the size of your body.

2. Quality

As you look for the best belly band holster, you should make sure that you get one from a reputable store. If you check reviews, you will be able to get some of the best designs and stores where you can get them. You might end up buying a fake bellyband holster if you decide to buy from any shop without doing research. Fake ones are cheap and may not be able to give you an excellent service. Quality means that you have to consider the color and the type of printing on the holster. You should look for something which you are very comfortable with and one that matches your personality.

3. Ability to hold the gun

According to bellyband holster reviews, we can see that they have different retention capacities. The major purpose of a holster is to keep the weapon and ensure that it is intact. The gun may slip out if it was not stored carefully or if the belly band is not strong. It is always good to do your research first before buying so that you can go for one which has maximum retention capacity.

4. Size

This relates to the size of your firearm and also the size of your body. We had seen that bellyband holster is of various sizes. Some are large others medium while others are very small. You should consider the size of your body so that you can get the right fit. You should also let the seller know the size of your firearms so that you can be able to buy a holster which will be able to suit the size of your body. A good belly band holster should allow movement, and you should not feel strained.



Core Defender Belly Band Concealment Holster

This holster is an excellent choice, it is built for increased ergonomics and contains a superior quality weapon concealment. It is manufactured by a company known as Elite Survival, and the product is made from a high quality and elastic band that is latex free and orthopedic. This product comes in two colors: tan and black.

If you are looking for an abdominal belly strap this holster is ideal and a comfortable choice that will provide you with the quick option which means you can be able to reach your gun faster. It is made to hold medium, large and small sized handguns and revolvers. You can also use it to keep large frame pistols. The holster comes with the strong side and crosses draw sections. You can store extra magazine, sprays, flashlights and other items in its three rear pockets. It can also hold two guns and fits well undershirts and T-shirts.


Core defender belly band holster comes in different sizes which allow you to choose the most ideal for you.


It allows you to reach your gun faster when you need.

You can use it to store large, medium and small firearms.

You can also use it to keep extra items such as phones, keys, and sprays


v It can make you sweat a lot.

v It has a thin and elastic layer which can be a bit rough to your skin.


UnderTech UnderCover Original Belly Band

This holster is designed in such a way that it can encircle your belly comfortably and also cover the entire your revolver or handgun. It keeps the handgun close to your body. It provides comfort to the user at all times. You can wear it the whole day without moving it. You can use it to store different weapons. Its strap is made in such a way that is sweat resistant. You can use it when you are even wearing a T-shirt. The holster comes with extra slots which can be used to store other items.


Under Tech Undercover belly band has additional slots to store extra magazines and other items.

It is elastic, and this ensures you are comfortable as you carry on your daily activities.

It is sweat resistant.


v Be keen on the size you choose, if you select a big size, it may make your frame look heavier and visible.


 AlphaHolster Concealed Carry Belly Band Cross Draw Gun Holster

This one is considered to be among the best belly band holster which has ever been manufactured. It is functional, smooth and straightforward. AlphaHolster belly holster is also affordable flexible which means you can store various weapon comfortably and use them effectively. The product is also waterproof, so if you sweat a lot, this can be the best for you. It is made of light material which makes you feel comfortable when wearing it. AlphaHolster is also breathable and can get rid of excess sweat easily.

The holster is elastic, and this means you can be able to reach your weapon quickly when you need. You can also move on with your activities when wearing it.


AlphaHolster belly holster is flexible which means you can go on with your daily activities when wearing it.


The product is waterproof and sweat resistant.

It is also light which makes you comfortable.

You can use it to store different weapons.


v You should choose the best size for you to prevent discomforts.


Original Defender Concealment Belly Band Holster

This one is more expensive than other belly band holsters. It is made of a soft and smooth, elastic material. You can use it to store large and medium size weapons. It has an extra slot where you can keep extra magazine. This is an ideal product for right and left shooters, and it’s usually black in color. You could keep your firearms close to your body no matter what and also allows you to store additional accessories. It can also be used by women since it can easily fit under a skirt.


Defender concealment belly band holster can be used by both men and women.

It is sweat proof.

It allows you to carry additional items.

You can use it to store large and medium weapons.


v The magazine pocket is placed next to the gun holster but would be more efficient if it was put on the opposite side of the holster.


Belly Band with 2 Mag Pouches

This holster can stretch and it’s made with a heavy duty Velcro closure plastic. It has a single option for carrying your handgun and contain two other additional slots for magazines. The belly band is elastic, functional and very comfortable. This belly band is perfect for people who prefer to go with their weapons wherever they move. It is comfortable when worn and fits well in whatever you chose to wear. You will not require keeping adjusting it since its elastic. It allows you to go on well with your activities without straining.


Belly band with 2 mag pouches by PS product can be used to store different pistols and handguns.

It can be used as a dual magazine bag.

It is affordable.

It is elastic and holds your stomach well and your weapon.


v You will require washing the holster first to make the edges soft.


We have covered most of the things you need to know when choosing the best belly band holster. With the above information, I’m sure now you will be able to select the most appropriate belly band holster for you.

According to the above reviews, it is clear that all the above holsters are good, but AlphaHolster Belly band has the best features as compared to other holsters. For example, it is affordable, and you can use it to store various items. It also allows you to move on with your activities when worn since it’s elastic. The holster is also light and keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

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